The Whooping Cough- To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

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Being a mother and trying to make the best decision for your children can be very confusing, at times.  When it comes to the whooping cough, after much consideration, I chose not to vaccinate.

What is the whooping cough?  It is a bacterial infection that looks much like the common cold, except it hangs on and creates thick mucus within the system, causing the infected to have coughing spells and misery that can last weeks.  In the past, several thousand people died from this illness, provoking authorities to encourage vaccination for the disease.  As of July, there have been 18,000 reported cases of the whooping cough.  Although 80% of the cases have been found in people who were vaccinated,  major newspaper articles blame the unvaccinated for this problem.  The experts in these articles admit that the vaccine may wear off after time, but instead of proposing alternative measures to these vaccines, boosters are recommended.

Isn’t this the way things work in our country?  Instead of promoting healthy preventative measures, we count on antibiotics, vaccines and big pharma to get us through, as though we have no answers outside of them.  I am proposing an alternative to this type of thinking.

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

Here are some ideas that will promote health and will keep the whooping cough from being a major threat!

1) Sanitation- Wash your hands, cover your mouth and stay away from hand sanitizers, that appear to be creating resistance to bacteria.  Instead, use Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier or Thieves Spray, which have antimicrobial oils added to them to enhance their effectiveness.

2) Hydration- This is so important.  I think sometimes we forget this because it seems so elementary.  Adding Lemon Oil to it will not only help detoxify the body, but will boost your immune system naturally!

3) Nutrition- Although there are thousands of ideas on what the best diet consists of, one thing that we can agree on is the idea that eating as close to nature is a good idea.

4) Healthy Gut Flora- Because the typical American has been loaded up with antibiotics, vaccines and has partaken in the Standard American Diet, their good gut bacteria is depleted.  This creates major susceptibility to illness.  I love Life 5 by Young Living to help boost the gut flora and promote a healthy immune system.

5)Excercise- moderate excercise has been linked to a healthier immune system and quicker recovery from illness.  I love to apply Peppermint Oil under my nose when working out, as it wakes me up and helps me get going.  Its also great for sore muscles and joints, post workout.

6) Sleep- So important for the immune system.  For those who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, they may consider trying Peace and Calming Oil Blend or Lavender.  Another blend that works well is Rutavala Oil.  Simply apply to the feet or under the nose and….zzzzzzzzzz.

7) Positive Attitude- There is no doubt that our emotions play an important role in our physical wellness.  Dealing with stress? Try the Stress Away Roll On.  Feeling depressed? Perhaps you need a little Joy Oil Blend or Frankincense Oil.  Be sure to work through your emotions and don’t stuff them…they will make themselves known in one way or another!

8) Mother Nature’s Medicines –

Debra Raybern, a holistic nurse who uses Young Living Essential Oils at her clinic, has a protocol for dealing with whooping cough that she has seen great success with.  She recommends the following:

▪                Lemon oil in the water, 2-3 drops per glass — helps cut mucus production;

▪                RC oil on the chest – helps with coughing;

▪                Thieves oil diluted in olive oil (or garlic oil) on the chest – kills the bacteria;

▪                Ledum oil on the throat – antibacterial and helps the body clear infectious disease more efficiently.

Also, she recommends using Thieves and oregano oil on the feet for further antibiotic effect, and diffusing Purification, Citrus Fresh, Lemon, RC, or Raven in their room. Peace & Calming should be used on the feet at night to promote restful sleep.

She remarks that her whooping cough patients have a full recovery in 10 days on average, rather than 3 months like many people experience.  I would also recommend doing a hot compress with frankincense oil on the chest at least once daily (wait at least 1-2 hours or more to do this after applying Thieves or oregano, especially on children).

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